Monday, April 18, 2011

Round 2 Giveaway Winners!!

Congrats Ladies. Will the following winners please email the following info so that I can get your prizes out to you this week.  I need an address, name, yt username, and the link to the hybrid necklace you want. Please email me at! You guys have until 4/23/2011 to email me your info. So please get that to me ASAP!

Updated 4/28/11 only three people sent me their info on time so i deleted the rest of the names.

If you didn't win this time no worries. I will start another giveaway 4/22/2011! There will be a whole new set of winners!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Give Away time again!!!

What am I giving away? HYBRID EARRINGS/ EARLACE

This time i am going to let you pick which item you want. I will announce the winners for this give a-way on April 15,2011. You have one week from that day to provide me with your shipping information otherwise your prize will be forfeited. So Lets get on with it!



Subscribed to my youtube channel. For those of you who are not you can click this link:

Must follow me on this blog! If i can't verify that you follow me i will pick another name and will not notify you. So if your info is private so sorry but thank you for following me anyway. :)

To enter just type: ENTER ME followed by the link from my website to your prize selection, AND...YOUR YOUTUBE USER NAME. Once again if your channel is private (even if you dont do videos) i can't verify that you are subbed to me (and I do check).

Q: Why send people through so many changes?
A: Because I want to show those who do watch my videos and follow me how much I appreciate them as well as draw more views to not only my blog but my website. If you have been a subbie or a follower of this blog then it should not be a big deal.

Thats it folks!

Fellas no worries i got you covered too (at a later date)

Monday, February 14, 2011


First 3 prizes winners!

The winner of the lacefront wig is: MsCinnamonKiss

The winner of the ncklace set is: troublesome1555

The winner of the Ring is: Conichka6

Congrats ladies!! Send me your info so that i can ship your gifts out to you!

Remember this isnt the end. i will be giving away some of the same prizes out the rest of the year so don't be too upset if you didn't win!
Thank you all for following me on my blog!


Monday, January 31, 2011

Giveaway Number 3!!

Ok this is one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry! Its the Sex in the City Ring worn by Samantha in the first movie. It is a large flower ring that covers two fingers but is NOT a two finger ring. The Lucky Winner of this beautiful ring will be very happy because it is simply Beautiful! I will let you choose your color: Clear, Red, Fushia, Black, or the Rainbow one!

Don't wanna wait and get it now? You can check out my website for this ring and a host of other beautiful pieces of jewelry!

Side note: I will announce the winnders of the prizes I have listed so far on February 1st! Please make sure to read the first post entitled (Subscriber GiveAWay is Finally here!!!!!) to ensure you are entered to win the giveaway. It gives all the details and rules for entering.

If you do not win don't worry I will continue to give away stuff from here on out!

Good luck ladies and gents!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I know I am late but here is today's blog give away! Its a synthetic lace front wig by Beverly Johnson!
20" Combination of Loose & Tight Wave.
You will be able to choose color from stock that I have!
Good Luck Ladies!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Subscriber GiveAWay is Finally here!!!!!

First I am so sorry that this took me so long to do. But I have been really busy (which I am loving)!

I have been talking about doing another giveaway for some months now and now it is finally time to get to the giving!  For the next four weeks I will be randomly doing blog post for the give away. I choose to do it via my blog so that I can draw more attention to it for future reviews, contest, and blog sales.

The rules are simple. When I post a blog about a giveaway all you have to do its leave a comment with your Youtube user name and the words "Enter Me". Only one comment per user name. You have to be a subscriber of Selima77 (  and trust me I will check before announcing winners. At the end of each week (Sundays) I will announce the winners of that weeks giveaway here on Blogger. Prizes will include: Makeup, jewelry, small cash payments, e-gift cards, paypal payments and anything else fab that I think will be a good prize to give away. Due to my procrastination sometimes, I will not set a certain number of giveaways per week. I will pick and choose at random.

This will be an ongoing thing that I hope to continue for as long as there is the world wide web. So check back a few times a week to make sure you enter.

So lets get this giveaway started:

The first prize:

Gold necklace and earring set!

Good Luck!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beauty on blast Giveaway!!
Ok guys as promised I am have a contest. The theme? THINK PINK! In honor of Breast Cancer awareness month!!! Here is the break down.

I want you to create a look using primarily the color
of course! It can be dark pink, light pink, pale pink. As long as it is primarily Pink it does not matter.

I want this to be a beautiful wearable look on one side and I want you to go all out on the other with a pink ribbon either drawn or glued on your face! I would like to see full face: Foundation, blush, lipstick and all. The brightet and more bold the look the better chance you will have of winning.

No live videos required, pictorial is fine but I want to be able to CLEARLY see your look on both sides. If you are not going to do a live video stating that this your contest entry for blah blah blah then place hold up a piece of paper stating so. Please do not use old pics for other contest. Look must be for this contest only.

I am leaving this open to anyone who wants to participate including my international divas! The only thing is I need your parents permission to recieve your mailing information to send out your prize if you win.

You also must be a subscriber to my channel. It does not guarantee that you will stay but I hope you can find something about you like to make you want to. :)

The prizes are as pictured and listed (I will be adding some more to this list and picture later.

Red Tea Moisturizing Serum
9 Pan palette
Wonderland Paintwheel
Eyeshadow base in Light
Debutante Lipgloss
Lip Mattifier
"Mac"ish cream liner in black
Several Pair of Red cherry, Milano, and Ice lashes
Several Pair of Earrings
Large Pink Ring
Pink and silver Bracelet

I hope you guys enter this contest.