Monday, January 31, 2011

Giveaway Number 3!!

Ok this is one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry! Its the Sex in the City Ring worn by Samantha in the first movie. It is a large flower ring that covers two fingers but is NOT a two finger ring. The Lucky Winner of this beautiful ring will be very happy because it is simply Beautiful! I will let you choose your color: Clear, Red, Fushia, Black, or the Rainbow one!

Don't wanna wait and get it now? You can check out my website for this ring and a host of other beautiful pieces of jewelry!

Side note: I will announce the winnders of the prizes I have listed so far on February 1st! Please make sure to read the first post entitled (Subscriber GiveAWay is Finally here!!!!!) to ensure you are entered to win the giveaway. It gives all the details and rules for entering.

If you do not win don't worry I will continue to give away stuff from here on out!

Good luck ladies and gents!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I know I am late but here is today's blog give away! Its a synthetic lace front wig by Beverly Johnson!
20" Combination of Loose & Tight Wave.
You will be able to choose color from stock that I have!
Good Luck Ladies!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Subscriber GiveAWay is Finally here!!!!!

First I am so sorry that this took me so long to do. But I have been really busy (which I am loving)!

I have been talking about doing another giveaway for some months now and now it is finally time to get to the giving!  For the next four weeks I will be randomly doing blog post for the give away. I choose to do it via my blog so that I can draw more attention to it for future reviews, contest, and blog sales.

The rules are simple. When I post a blog about a giveaway all you have to do its leave a comment with your Youtube user name and the words "Enter Me". Only one comment per user name. You have to be a subscriber of Selima77 (  and trust me I will check before announcing winners. At the end of each week (Sundays) I will announce the winners of that weeks giveaway here on Blogger. Prizes will include: Makeup, jewelry, small cash payments, e-gift cards, paypal payments and anything else fab that I think will be a good prize to give away. Due to my procrastination sometimes, I will not set a certain number of giveaways per week. I will pick and choose at random.

This will be an ongoing thing that I hope to continue for as long as there is the world wide web. So check back a few times a week to make sure you enter.

So lets get this giveaway started:

The first prize:

Gold necklace and earring set!

Good Luck!