Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beauty on blast Giveaway!!
Ok guys as promised I am have a contest. The theme? THINK PINK! In honor of Breast Cancer awareness month!!! Here is the break down.

I want you to create a look using primarily the color
of course! It can be dark pink, light pink, pale pink. As long as it is primarily Pink it does not matter.

I want this to be a beautiful wearable look on one side and I want you to go all out on the other with a pink ribbon either drawn or glued on your face! I would like to see full face: Foundation, blush, lipstick and all. The brightet and more bold the look the better chance you will have of winning.

No live videos required, pictorial is fine but I want to be able to CLEARLY see your look on both sides. If you are not going to do a live video stating that this your contest entry for blah blah blah then place hold up a piece of paper stating so. Please do not use old pics for other contest. Look must be for this contest only.

I am leaving this open to anyone who wants to participate including my international divas! The only thing is I need your parents permission to recieve your mailing information to send out your prize if you win.

You also must be a subscriber to my channel. It does not guarantee that you will stay but I hope you can find something about you like to make you want to. :)

The prizes are as pictured and listed (I will be adding some more to this list and picture later.

Red Tea Moisturizing Serum
9 Pan palette
Wonderland Paintwheel
Eyeshadow base in Light
Debutante Lipgloss
Lip Mattifier
"Mac"ish cream liner in black
Several Pair of Red cherry, Milano, and Ice lashes
Several Pair of Earrings
Large Pink Ring
Pink and silver Bracelet

I hope you guys enter this contest.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I know I am like 21 days late but like the saying goes better late than never. I really wanted to be apart of breast cancer awareness month last year when I was approached by someone on youtube. But something didnt sit right with me about that person and I backed out. I promised myself this year I would get more involved with doing things that would help someone else besides myself. So even though it is late in the year I finally got it together for my breast cancer awareness fundraising attempt! I will do a video on this for my subbies in detail on Youtube later on today! Check out my website to see what I am offering.

I love you guys!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dear God....

Its me Selima. I know its been a while since we have spoken but I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive and I do think think about you and Love You. I know its seems like I only call you when I need a little help with something but I am working on that. I am a work in progress, but you know I am trying. Right? Before I selfishly give you my list of things I need help with I'd like to put someone else's needs first for a change.

I have a near and dear Youtube pal who is going through something awfully sad. So I wanna take a minute to pray for her well being and strength as she is going through Chemo. I love me some Ms. Audry and I wanna continue to see her around. I find myself not watching her videos lately because I cant help but think about what she is going through. I wanna say something profound and brilliant to make her day but its hard because I see her trying to put on a smile when she is obviously hurting inside. I love her. Thats all I am gonna say about.

Now my list seems so petty when it is something I can easily change myself. I still need help so I will continue but not go into much detail:

Please help me with my addictions to cigarettes, soda pop, food, cursing, make-up, wigs and weaves, and most of all Ebay.

Like the old saying goes: "Save money and it will save you."


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fiberglass Nail Wrap System

I have really been into nails lately. I am subscribed to a beautiful and talented lady on youtube by the name of Anna who does some really beautiful nail tutorials (check her out here Everything I have learned about nails I have learned from her. I watched her video on the fiberglass nail wraps and I thought it would be easier and less messy to apply nail tips, and preserve your natural nails this way. So I headed to my local beauty Sally Beauty Supply and just purchased the basics. I originally purchased the Originails the Rap kit on clearance for $10.99. It came with everything you need to get started, however I was too fond of using the nail adhesive with the cone shaped tip applicator so I went back to Sally's and bought a brush on nail glue. It easier to apply. You could use natural nail tips but I wanted something different so I used some Chanel and zebra print nail tip I got from ebay last year. I will eventually do a tutorial for this since it was so easy. I loved the way they turned out! More pics to come.

Monday, June 28, 2010

China Glaze Nail Polish WOW COLLECTION

Now that I have found a place where I can buy the china glaze nail laquers for a cheaper price, I have added to my collection. This one by far is my favorite collections! I love this one because it is not only matte but it has a sheen to it that makes them stand out. This collection also comes with a bonus bott in Liquid Leather which makes a great base for any of the neon colors. I actually like them even better using a black color as a base coat because it makes the polish really POP! I found this set on ebay for $12.95!!!!!!!!!!! The cheapest on ebay even including shipping which was only $5.00!!! Can you believe that!!!!????? I soooo recommend getting this one first not only because the colors are beautiful but the price is right! Check out swatches on white nail tips! I also invest in the Romantique collection in both warm and cool and i loveeee these colors as well. They are perfect for a woman who isnt into all of the bright and bold neon colors.

You can buy this collection here on ebay:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

~ * China Glaze Poolside Collection 6 pc*~

I have been eyeballing this collection since it came out. I am just now getting into doing nails but I wasn't very enthusiastic about spending 5-7.00 on a bottle of nail polish. But yall know me I always find it cheaper. So I was searching on ebay for other brands of polish and ran across a seller who was offering all 6 colors for 19.99!!! Yall know I had to get them!!

The 6 colors in the Poolside collection include (In order from left to right in swatches):

Pool Party: Neon Pink
Flip Flop Fantasy: Neon Coral
Sun Worshipper: Neon Orange
Kiwi Cool-Ada: Neon Green
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini: Neon Yellow
Towel Boy Toy: Neon Blue

Check out the ebay seller here: