Monday, June 28, 2010

China Glaze Nail Polish WOW COLLECTION

Now that I have found a place where I can buy the china glaze nail laquers for a cheaper price, I have added to my collection. This one by far is my favorite collections! I love this one because it is not only matte but it has a sheen to it that makes them stand out. This collection also comes with a bonus bott in Liquid Leather which makes a great base for any of the neon colors. I actually like them even better using a black color as a base coat because it makes the polish really POP! I found this set on ebay for $12.95!!!!!!!!!!! The cheapest on ebay even including shipping which was only $5.00!!! Can you believe that!!!!????? I soooo recommend getting this one first not only because the colors are beautiful but the price is right! Check out swatches on white nail tips! I also invest in the Romantique collection in both warm and cool and i loveeee these colors as well. They are perfect for a woman who isnt into all of the bright and bold neon colors.

You can buy this collection here on ebay:


L said...

Thanks for that link.

BeautyOnBlast said...

Your welcome. They always have great prices on ebay.

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